Shandong Liangshan Illegal Production Trailers, Head Of The Company Said Casual Exposure

Authorities wide nets of Jining, September 23 (Xinhua Xiaoyuan Luan Hong), according to voice of reports the news vertical and horizontal, Liangshan County, Jining city, Shandong province, water park Liangshan 108 heroes of the story is known. Today, the dark horse-trailer-making industry, another card of Liangshan. Many people all over the country came to Liangshan to buy private cars.

Recently, some listeners to the central canton news line 400-800-0088, Liangshan said his a-trailer company to enjoy a one-stop service, got the car, trailer and all of its procedures. That sounds nice, but when examined this year, they found the trailers they buy procedure earlier this month was cancelled by DMV. Procedures are still in circulation has been written off? Why do trailer factory package procedure?

From Anhui Province, Li ran freight for many years, Liangshan County, Jining city, Shandong province, heard that the trailer benefits before the Chinese new year are attracted to Liangshan cars. Finding the company called liangshanzhongze in local special vehicle manufacturing limited liability company, saw the company's one-stop service.