Knowledge Of Trailer Axles

  Usually, trailer axles are combined by the suspension  while the wheels are installed on each side. It is used to pass the force from all directions between frame and wheels. 

  Axle is a whole which like a support with each side supporting the whole body of the trailer. So, axles are used to coordinate with suspensions.

Trailer axles are the important part because it is used to hold the dynamic load. It usually bears reverse load, bend load, bending and twistiong composite while having the possibility of getting some impact. So, although trailer axles will break as fatigue or stress, break caused by fatigue ususlly caused by trailer axles' beake. Taking this condition into consideration, once the quality of trailer axles can be ensured, the next thing we need to assure is the intensity of trailer axle parts.

   Some thing hard should be sticked to the surface to keep axles' neck from abrasion. Most performance should be assured as long as the intensity and tenacity of the axles can be guaranteed. In addition, metallurgy of steels and hardenability should be also considered. Axles' material among different countries is different because of various national situations and ideas about the trailer parts' technology. All in all , trailer axle's material is ususally divided into two types, one is steel trailer axle and another is alloy steel trailer axle, and both of them are low carbon steel. 

  Carbon volume which is concluded in the steels of carbon-steel axles normally ranges from 0.3% to 0.45%, but if some alloy steel is mixed, the canbon can be decreased to some degree. No matter mac or microscopic defects, both of them will cause stress concertration, so steels of trailer axles should be with high quality.  So, alloy qualirt of the trailer axles stell is vital. 

  Under this situation, many countries have start up to adopt refining methods to make trailer axles steels, for example, steel ladle degassing and vacuum melting. By this way,  the endurance of refining steels will be improved much.