Key Design Of Tehran Metro Bogie Traverser

Bogie traverser for Teheran Metro vehicle bogie frame shop and truck repair shop and from ships. The device on a flat pit 2 and work side perpendicular to the orbit. Has run police, position locking and clamping devices of bogies. Only the lateral locking device open, bogie lock clamping device, traverser in order to run.

The car shop and truck repair workshop of the siding should be laid to the traverser pit, so that the transition is not required when the transfer bogie bridge. 2 traverser tracks between different tracks, so that a traverser composed track standard gauge line (1435mm), in the event of failure by the artificial lateral movement.

 1 main technology parameter main technology parameter cross moved car gauge/mm5000 bogie gauge/mm1435 cross moved car pit maximum depth/mm300 cross moved car of maximum length/mm6500 cross moved car of maximum width (points body packaging transport, and site assembled)/mm5570 hosted capacity/T8 horizontal speed (maximum)/(m • min-1) 40 traction speed/(m • min-1) 4 power/VAC380 (50Hz) total power/kW102 Equipment composition and characteristics of equipment bogie traverser by architecture, travel wheel, drive systems, locking devices, clamping devices, control rooms and other parts of bogies. Architecture is the main supporting frame traverser, welded structure, the bearing bracket installed on the wheels of 4.