How To Measure The Trailer Parts- Fifth Wheel

  As one of an important trailer parts, the trailer fifth wheel provides the link between a semi-trailer and the towing truck, tractor unit, leading trailer or dolly. So, it is very simpe to measuer the diamensions of our trailer fifth wheel. Usually, its diamensions and weight are leaf on the paper inside the cabinets or within the owners' manual. Once you can not find the paper and manual, you have to measure the diamensions of your fifth wheel before buying a cover and the measurements can be finished by a tape measure. This task can be finished easier and faster under two people. 

-Measurement of the Length

  Ask your friend to fix one end of the tape measure on the edge of the rear bumper and put it on the centre of the king pin which is the prominent part that attaches the fifth hitch. Ask one friend to fix the end of the measure and the reading is the total length of your trailer fifth wheel.

-Measurement of the Height

  Stand on the top of the trailer fifth wheel and lower the tape measure on the side of it, then place one end of the tape measure on the ground and ask one friend to fix it. Put your tape measure over the air conditioner and get the reading which is the height of the trailer fifth wheel.

- Measurement of the Width

  Put the tape measure on the edge of the back of the camper, then extend the tape measure across the back of the trailer. Put the tape against the camper and measure at the edge of the back place, then you can get the width of your fifth wheel.