Experimental Study On Air Spring For Shanghai Metro Bogies

1 structural characteristics of air spring for Shanghai Metro 1.1 structure of the flexible free diaphragm air type spring for air spring, its structure is shown in Figure 1. Sealing screw sealing and pressure the self-proclaimed methods, the upper part of the capsule with 16 screws, use the tabs to close in on the capsule on the cover, capsule pressure at the lower end of the self-proclaimed capsule in the form of fit in the Groove of the rubber heap.

Shang cover Board installation has to additional gas room of pass hole, and positioning pin and vertical to shock absorber installation seat, the pass hole deviated from Center 230mm, to guarantee air spring hosted Shi capsule has good of inflatable State, positioning pin can guarantee vehicles through curve Shi air spring Shang cover and air spring between no relative turned, rubber SAC ontology volume big (63L around), effective reduced has air spring vertical to stiffness, conducive to improved vehicles of vibration performance.

3 layer of rubber the rubber heap, separated by two layers of stainless steel rings, 3 rubber surface and the horizontal at an angle to reduce the vertical stiffness, the rubber and air springs in series, running in air spring air to emergency response function of the spring at the same time, by selecting its stiffness to adjust the stiffness characteristics of air spring effect. Cover plate on the upper mat 4mm rubber mats, vehicle air springs on bearings and air spring on the cover tightly, in order to ensure good air spring air tightnes.