Diesel Locomotive Running Gear Main Structure And Characteristics

The locomotive Department, basically used bogies. Domestic mainline electric locomotive bogie, there are three kinds of structure type.

(1) the first diesel locomotive type ask

Dongfeng locomotive bogie, a three-axle bogie suspension. It consists of architecture, rehabilitation equipment, wheel, axle boxes, springs and brake rigging devices and so on. Its main features are:

• No secondary spring suspension. In the body with each bogie only 4 rigid roller side bearings and one heart, passed by the side bearing vertical load of the locomotive, passed by the Center plate longitudinal force (traction or braking) and transverse forces.

• Each consists of 2 groups of spring suspension bogies, each spring by the 2 leaf springs, 2 dual-ring round spring and 3 balance beam.

• Axle-box positioning Guide and frame structure. Tractive and braking force as pedestals to frame and Center plate.

• Traction motor for sliding shaft suspension.

• The Foundation brake equipment for single sided brake. By one brake cylinder, is responsible for 3 wheels brake shoe brake.

(2) the second type locomotive bogie

DF-4 series diesel locomotive bogies, two three-axle bogie suspension. It consists of frame, axle boxes, wheels, spring suspension, traction lever and brake rigging, and other components. Its main features are:

• Traction device transfer tractive and braking force, easy low traction, thus improving utilization of tar, make play a larger locomotive wheel traction.

• Outside of the bogie Center set up elastic side gears. It is associated with descenders on both sides of car body, used to limit the amount of car body lateral displacement relative to the bogies, and passes the horizontal force. In addition, when the truck relative to body rotates,

Permits the rotation Center of the bogie change within a certain range.

• In the frame next to the top with 4 oil bath surface friction, used to bear the body weight. Side bearing is equipped with rubber pads as a second spring suspension, reduce shock and absorb vibration in the vertical, where used to control truck hunting.

• Lever type of axle box guide journal box. Round-springs with hydraulic dampers in parallel to the primary suspension structure type.

• Each wheel single sided brake 1 brake cylinder, brake lever system is simplified.

• Shaft-mounted traction motors. Hold new locomotive and rolling bearings. Traction motor adopts the CIS arrangement, which improves traction under the effect of axle load transfer.