Company Irregularities In The Production Trailer Sells License Plate Shouting: Whatever Exposure

Reporter visits on the ground found that such similar Nakazawa, super long trailer without production permits a large number of production and sales enterprises, there are many. Some local people said, in Liangshan, the Ministry approved the certified trailer manufacturers, there are 23, but the County's four hundred or five hundred enterprises, both in the production and sales of such large-long trailer. Illegal production enterprises to buy certificates from qualified companies, handling sales trailer, has become one of the unspoken rules of the local.

Specifically these super long trailer is no certificate, if the accident occurred because of quality problems, this car was illegal to sell trailers, you will become a time bomb. Local authorities for this mass production "road killers" of the enterprise, there is no administrative action? Related developments, the voice of China will continue the investigation concerned.