Beijing-Shenyang High-speed Fire Millions Of Parts On The Trailer Fire

Around 5:40 A.M. on January 21, a large out-of-town trailer Bei Li, Beijing-Shenyang Expressway toll road on just hundreds of meters away, bus load of auto parts and other goods suddenly caught fire. The two drivers on the bus while diving, how goods are inflammable, explosion, the entire trailer was soon engulfed in ... ...

Beijing-Shenyang Highway

Fire one side closed

6:40 A.M., when Bei Li, reporters rushed to the Beijing-Shenyang Expressway toll station, found that charging station, Toll Gate of Beijing have been closed, charge staff explains, the cause of the shutdown because there are vehicles on fire. Worried distributors select detour all the drivers on the road, but some of them chose to wait for large vehicles.

Reporters learned at the Toll Gate, trailer time is around 5:40 A.M. of the fire, was forced to close shortly after Toll Gate.

Large trailers were burned

Left frame

Reporters after about 600 metres ' walk, walked to the scene of the fire. At that time, zone fire fighting team has put out a car fire, car fire was being cleaned.

Trailer of the fire has been completely destroyed by fire, cab left with blank "frames", mounted on the carriage of goods 90% all of the above was burned down. Judging from the wreckage of the cargo, loading of the goods should be mainly auto parts on the car, which contains a lot of flammable and explosive goods.

Nearby residents

Want to "light a fortune"

Two drivers on the trailer when he fires, reporters at the scene saw them, they were helping firefighters fire. Both face and hands are blackened, and looked confused. Due to busy in rescue goods in the wreckage, they told reporters in an interview. Onlookers told reporters that after discovering fire, two drivers had tried to fire, but because of the explosion of goods, so the fire spread quickly, they have no control. Drivers has revealed that car around the goods total value in million plus vehicles, the fire caused losses in the millions.

8:30 A.M., as reporters prepare to leave, suddenly there was a moment of confusion. It turns out that drivers put the goods out of the fire on highway road, while nearby residents while "picking up". Drivers stop immediately after it was discovered, but both of the language and almost didn't even play up, thanks to the firemen stopped, no further expansion.

At present, the specific cause of the fire is under investigation.