A Bogie Railcar Secondary Four-point Suspension Patent

This practical new public has a more bogie track vehicles II Department four Fulcrum hanging structure, including suspended frame, by said of suspended frame following through rubber spring support, which, suspended frame and rubber spring Zhijian through air spring supports seat connection, suspended frame upper installation has vertical up check block; by said of rubber spring of bottom installation has supports seat; by said of air spring supports seat for a inverted of u type, in air spring supports seat Shang set has bolt or rivet connection body with of interface Wherein each of the rubber hardness of rubber spring for 39; the rubber springs made 5 sets of rubber spring in series, each group has 9 floors, each floor has 4 rubber spring parallel; the utility model: a practical, low cost, effectively solve the bogie rail vehicle lateral stability problems and lateral displacement problem, more secure.