Trailer Parts-ABS

Definition of ABS

  ABS´╝ł=Anti-lock Braking System) is an so safe system for the trailer axle parts  that it can can keep wheels maintaining  tractive contact with the surface of the road while drivers braking to avoid lock up and uncontrolled skidding. This system is based on the principle of  threshold braking and cadence braking which were down by the driver with previous generation braking systems. It does this at a better rate and control than a driver could manage ususlly.

  Basing on the principle of electronic control technology for the former system, mordern ABS adds the mechatronics to keep wheels locking contral device. while wheels of the vehivle are going to lock with some emergence occures, the device will adjust the system's pressure at high frequently rate to keep the slipping stay in a narraw rate range, about from 10% to 30%.

  Usually, ABS can control the vehivle better and decrease the braking distancs while driving on the road with dry and slippery surfaces. However, on the road with loose gravel or snow-covered surfaces, ABS willn significantly increase stopping distance while improving vehicle control.

  Nowadays, the ABS system have been improved much becaused of the widely use in the area of vehicle production. Modern ABS can not only keep wheels from locking, but control the bias while braking front-to-rear electronically. This special function was named as EBD(=Electronic Brakeforce distribution), ESC(=electronic stability control), traction control system or emergency brake assist.

Functions of Hydraulic ABS system

1.  Maintain the stability of the vehicle during braking.

2.  Keep the steering ability of the vehicle while braking

3.  Different surface of the road, different brake force on the wheel is distributed.

4.  Reduce the tires' friction loss and decrease the stopping distance to make the driver feel relaxed.

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