The Hot Extrusion of Trailer Axles

    Nowadays, hot extruction is widely used on trailer parts, especially trailer axles, trailer axle beam, etc. Hot extruction is used to creat the product with fixed shape which means push the material to the mould with the expected transversal section.

  The round tube need to be pre-heated under the temperature of 50%-70% of the metal's melting point before leaving the melting pot after which the tube will be pushed by the mould into the profile bar using a ram with 2,200 ton extrusion force. Hot extruction make using the metals to shape the complicated profile feasible. Besides, small lot manufacture can be made economically.


  1. Creating profile with complicated cross section and brittle material.

  2. One cross section with various thickness 

  3. Used on special areas where the profile can meet the temperature, pressure, aggressive media or hygienic requirement