The Bulldozer of Trailer Leaf Springs- Trailer Parts

  As an very important trailer parts on the springs suspensions, we should know how to prolong its life and how it works during transportation.

The maintenance and inspection process of the trailer suspension system and the whole chassis parts should be included to guarantee the life of the trailer leaf springs. It is well known to drivers that regular maintenance and inspection is essential to prolong the life of their vehicles under the environment of rising fuel costs. For most maintenance checks, the springs systems are ignored. However, any attention to the suspension will bring more suitable springs systems service. In the past combats, the warriors used sharp repiers to puncture enemys, so they always bend their rapiers to guarantee them will not been broken during the copmbat. So did the springs. Manufacturers test the quality of their springs by "bulldozer". This kind of leaf spring bends much farther than it could bend in actual environment. By this way, any flaws will be revealed but this is not the final purpose. If the metal springs can bend further under bulldozer than it can bend in actual service and this suggest that the metal can be beyond the yield point under the tension side of leaves. And this can reduce, settle or sag during actural usage of the springs and the steering alignments can also be maintained. Obviously, it is really impractical to do this. This practice illustrates the phenomenon that for the first five to ten thousand miles transportation, the coild springs front suspensions usually settle or sag and should be replaced so  that the steering alignments can be guaranteed.