Some Types of Leaf Spring- Auto Parts

Semi-elliptic Type Springs

  Honestly, all metal springs which are installed on cars, buses and trucks are semi-elliptic type leaf springs because this type springs can not only serve as a spring which supports the automobile, but paly a part of position the axle and cushion torque and brake reaction. This type spring has replaced many other types springs, such as cantilever; platform, full elliptic, etc. The semi-elliptic spring has the same riding as the spring with same amount of steels, built into a cantilever of full-elliptic spring.

Full Taper Springs

  This type spring is very commonly used on light and heavy vehicle's suspension systems. Superior ride and decrease of the weight of the automobile is its major advantage which brings more revenue for each load miles. Although this is susperior to some degree, it is not as forgiving as the multi-leaf spring, so it need to be inspected and maintained regularly.

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