Procedures for Choosing the Suitable Trailer Axle Assembly

  The follwoing drawing should be understood before you choosing the suitable trailer axles:

- Max Capacity: 

  The capacity of each trailer axle depends on the GVWR( Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). For trailers which have multiple rear axle assembly, the mimimum capacity of each trailer axle should be got by dividing the GVWR by the numbers of trailer axles.

- Brake Drum

  Size of the brake lining effects the whole brake system. Make sure the diamensions of the brake shoes and the size of the brake lining before choosing the trailer axle assembly.

- Type of Trailer Axles

   Different people who comes from different places prefer different types trailer axles. The shape( round, square) of trailer axle beam is different, so as some other specifications. If you need continue to use the existed hubs or drums, choosing the right axles with suitable specification is very important.

- Track Length

   It means the distance between two centers of two wheels.

- Spring Centers

  It means the distance between two centers of two trailer leaf springs.

- Total Length

  It means the distance between two ends of the axle spindle.

- P.C.D

  It is a key factor for choosing the suitable axle. The PCD of the brake drum and the hub should be same.