Pneumatic connector

Pneumatic connector connecting the tractor and trailer air brake took over, it consists of two components, as shown in Figure 8-51. First half ends of connector fixed to the tractor frame, while the second joints mounted on trailer air brake pipe on the end of it.
When a connection is in two parts, first dust cover turned aside the two, then the second connector pin 9 on the first half of the Center connector check valve 3, boost-pressure valve open, and the second connector is turned at an angle so that one half of the bracket I II and the other half of the flange to fit each other. After letting go, while the second joints-flange II head rivets 10 on embedding the first half joint in bays 1 through hole on II, lock the two connector, the connection operation is complete. Then, open both shut-off switch on the vehicle, tractor air reservoir of compressed air is open check valve, pipe through filters into the trailers-and pressure gas connector two bonding more closely.

Separate gas line connector, you must first close the shut-off switch on the tractor, isolated gas within the joint cavity and the tractor gas source, and communicated with the atmosphere. After the Elimination of pressure, rotate the second half joints, out of Chimerism.