Main Type of Semi Trailer(Two)

  6. Stretch Double-Drop

          This type trailer is made for the cargo which is too long to transport on the normal trailer. Usually, there are two or three trailer axles installed on this type trailer which depends on the weight and diamensions of the goods.

      Max Capacity: 60,000 pounds

      Diamensions: Various

  7.  Van Trailer

       This kind of trailers are enclosed in order to avoid the damage of the bad weather or the obstable of the road. The goods can only be loaded from the back of the trailer. Curtain van is similar to this kind trailer but can be loaded from not only the back but the side.

     Max Capacity: 42,000 pounds-45,000 pounds

   Diamensions: Length*Width*Height: 48-53 feet*8 feet and 2 inches* 8 feet

 8. Specialized Trailer

     The particularity of some cargo determins the requirement of some specialized trailers. Some oversized and overdiamensional caron can not be loaded by the normal trailers. So specialized trailers are designed to meet the requirment of them. 

    Max Capacity: 200 pounds

    Diamensions: That depends.