Main Type of Semi Trailer (One)

  Choosing the suitable trailer is important for the safty of cargo during the transportation. Your decision for the trailer type should be based on the weight, diamensions and type of the goods which need to be shipped. Different trailers are designed to ship different cargo.

    1. Flatbed Trailer

           It is one of the most widely used trailers because of its verious usage. For example, this type trailer can be loaded from the top, sides, or           rear of the trailer.

        - Max Capacity: 48,000 pounds

        - Diamensions: (Height*Width*Length)8 feet and 6 inches*8 feet 6 inches*48 feet or 53 feet

     2. Lowboy Trailer 

            With two drops in the deck height of it, this type trailer make the deck lower than other types trailers. Comparing with other trailers, this            type can hold goods up to 12ft (3.66m) tall. So lowboy trailers are always used to haul heavy cargo.

         - Max Capacity: For 2 axles ones: 40,000 pounds, with the axles added, aditional weight up to 80,000 pounds( weight of  trailer and load           included).

         - Diamensions: Length: 24feet to 29feet and 6 inches, Height: 18inches to 24 inches, Legal Load Height: 13 feet and 6 inches

     3. Drop Deck Trailer

             The appearance of the trailer is much like the flatbed trailers, but there is a "gooseneck" drops the height of the trailer to a low level                  behind the tractor. The low height make it possible for the tall load and make the gravity center of the cargo lower. Usually, this type trailers          are 48'-53' long and 96''-102" wide. And the materials of this kind trailer are steel, aluminum or a combination of the steel and aluminum.

         - Max Capacity: 48Ton

         - Diamensions:  Bottom deck - 37 feet (length), Top deck – 11 feet (length), Bottom deck – 10 feet (height), 8 feet 6 inches (width)

       4. Flatbed Stretch Trailer 

              This type trailer is very popular for the long cargo which is difficult for other trailers to load and this is one of reasons why there is no                 overhang. 

          - Max Capacity: 43,000 pounds

          - Diamensions: Length* Width* Height: 48-80 feet*8 feet and 6 inches*8 feet and 6 inches

       5. Stretch Single-Drop Deck Trailer

               Like the flatbed stretch trailers, the stretch single-drop deck trailers are also designed for the cargos which are too long to transport for            standard step deck. There is no overhang, too.

           - Max Capacity: 45,000 pounds

           - Diamensions: Main deck – 35 feet to 63 feet (length), 8 feet 6 inches (width), 10 feet (height); Front deck- 10 feet (length), 8 feet 6                  inches (height) and 8 feet 6 inches (width)

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