Knowledge of Trailer Leaf Springs

  Leaf Spring is a kind of suspension spring which is used in vehicles and it commonly consist one or more pieces made of thin, flat and flexible steels to work as a unity. Each piece of the leaf spring is curve to anarc shape to support the trailer axles and absorb shock at the same time. Comparing with the normal coil type spring, leaf spring can be able to distribute the weight more evenly. It had beed widely used as trialer parts, semi trailer parts for hundreds of years. Normally, there are two types leaf springs, one is multi leaf spring and another is mono leaf spring.Mono leaf spring only has one arc steel piece and the middle is very thick but the ends are much thinner while multi leaf spring consists of several arc pieces made of steel with the shortest piece installed at the bottom but the longest at the top. Usually multi leaf sping has greater capaity than mono leaf spring. This is one reason why it is used as trailer parts.