Knowledge of Air Suspension

  Air suspension is widely used as trailer parts, train, especiallt passnger train parts to keep the transportation smooth and constant. Modern systems which are controller by electronic are always feature self-leavling function. Usually,air suspension is also called air bag  suspension or air bellows suspension system.

   During the past years, air suspension  parts have been widely used in various automobiles parts: trailer part, heavy duty truck parts, etc. They are used in so many types automobiles because it can be adjustable and make it fesible to make vehicles lower or rise to avoid obstables during the transportation.

  As time goes on, moisture within the suspensiopn may cause wet rust then damage it greatly.  Rubber inside the suspension always cause the damage of it. Onstacles on the surface of the road always cause the damage of the air bag suspension. Inappropriate installation always leads to the air suspension rub against the frame or some other parts of the air suspension.