Knorr analog type Metro braking system overview

Knorr-Bremse-computer control simulation electro-pneumatic braking system with braking function (including air brakes, regenerative braking function, fast braking resistor brake function, function), the function of emergency brake and parking brake function.

Whole system main by air system (a,), and brake control system (b), and based brake equipment (c), and anti-sliding system (G), and by electric bow for wind equipment (u), and air spring for wind equipment (l) and the other subsidiary with wind equipment composition, 1 air system each train of Tc car Shang are set 1 sets completely same of air system, each sets air system main by electric air compressor Group (A01), and hose (A04), and safety valve (A06), and dry device (A07), and wind cylinder (A09), and Air reservoir drainage Simon (A10), truncated, Simon (A11), a pressure regulator (A13) and air compressor control unit (A15) and other components.

Air source system for the brake and all other equipment to provide the required compressed air. System with three-phase 380V AC motor-driven VV120/150-1 air compressor, compressors are characterized by small size, light weight, easy maintenance, low noise. Splash lubrication of the compressor, air emissions of 920L/min in 1500r/min, by a three-cylinder two stage compression (2 LP) fan.