How to Measure the Trailer Axle-Trailer Part

  Almostly, all types trailers have a common feature: trailer axles. To be honest, the trailer axles need to be replaced because bending, rust, or some other reasons. The task can be finished by yourself with some helpers. But some measurings should to be done to guarantee you can get the correct utility trailer axle.

 - Measure the Trailer Axle Track Width

          Elevate the trailer axles or the trailer and support them by jack, then remove tires.

         With your helps' assistance, you get the axle track width measure which means from the surface of one hub to that of other hub and this            should be got in order to get the right replace trailer axles.

    - Measure the Trailer Leaf Springs Center Distance 

      The easiest way to do this is to hook the tape measure end on the outside of one trailer leaf springs and cross straigtly to the inside of the           other one.