How to Get the Hub Face Measurement if the Trailer Axle is Broken

  If trailer axles which is broken outside of the springs, there is something we can do to get the measurement if the following requirements can be meat.

    - One side of the trailer axle is in good condition

    - You can get the spring center measurements.

   For the intact side of the trailer axle kit, you should get the measurement by measuring from the spring center to the outside hub face and multiply the measurement times two and add that to the spring center measurement. 

  If the hab is not on the good side of the boken trailer axle assemblies, the measurement can still be got. We assume that there is nothing wring between the springs. For the good side of the trailer axle, you measure the distance from the center of the spring to the front of the spindle and multiple that by two, then add the distance to the spring center.

  For the trailers weight from 2,000 pounds to 3,500 pounds, subtract 5 inches from the total measurement to get the hub face measurement.