How to deal with the Malfunction of ABS( Trailer Parts)

As an importatant trailer part, ABS is a type of brake system that is used to not lock up during emergency occurs. 

The followings are the steps you can do when the ABS mulfunction occurs:

- The ABS light can not illuminate, you should consider: 

  1. If the light works well? Wheather the fuse is OK? If the relay valve works well? And what about the line of power?

  2. If everything mentioned above is OK. There maybe something wrong with the ECU.

- The ABS light still work, you should consider: 

   1. Weather there is something wrong with the circuit.

   2. Weather the ECU is damaged.

- The ABS light flashes, you should consider:

   1. You should make a note of the codes it shows, then solve the problem based on the codes you noted.

When customers purchase trailer axle( bpw axle parts, fuwa axle parts, etc.), we can choose ABS system as customers' requirement.