Gas single-pipe trailer braking system faults and trouble shooting

Gas single-pipe trailer braking system by car (vehicle) control unit and the trailer brake parts. Automotive parts mounted in the car on the trailer brake valve and gas components, such as switches (La); trailer brake parts assigned by the disconnector, trailer brake valve, trailer storage tank, trailer brake and so on. In trailer brake valve within has valve spring, and brake valve valve, and brake valve valve seat, and core tube, and balance piston (with skin circle), and control piston (with skin circle), and balance spring and adjustment screws,; in trailer brake distribution valve within has core rod, and distribution valve piston (with skin Bowl), and into valve spring, and intake valve, and intake valve seat, and row valve spring, and exhaust valve, and exhaust valve seat, and exhaust clearance adjustment gasket and fixed nut.

When the car does not brake, trailer brake valve Chamber d brake valve through the atmosphere, no pressure above the piston, therefore, in the presence of a balance spring, piston, balanced piston and limits on the tube in position. At this time, tight tube top surface with brake valve and compress the valve spring, brake left brake valve valve valve valve seat, therefore, car gas tank of compressed air through the trailer brake valve air Chamber a, pneumatic switches and isolating switch (two switches are in the on State) into the trailer brake distribution valves of the gas chamber g. Because the distribution valve Piston Cup is set press the edge down way, therefore, into the room g compressed air to push the edge of the Cup to the Center, formed between the Cup and the trailer brake distribution valves for wall space, and thus through the Chamber f into trailers gas tank (gas). Meanwhile, in the role of compressed air distribution valve and core rod of the piston moves down, the intake valve pressed in the intake valves and exhaust valves on the left exhaust valve seat, therefore, compressed air cannot enter the trailer brake and the trailer brake chamber communicates with atmosphere, trailer braking state that is not.