Fuwa Type American Semi Trailer Axle

Basic Info

Model NO.:LDAF-031Material:Steel

1. Max Capacity: 10500kg
2. S Cam Brake: S 420*180
3. Track TR: 1820mm
4. Spring Seat Installation: 435mm
5. Axle Beam: 127mm
6. Center Distance of Chamber: 368mm
7. PCD: 335mm
8. H: 281mm
9. TotalLength: 2165mm
10. Recommended Wheel: 7.50V-20
11. Weight: 358kg

1. Special heat-treated, low-alloy steel axle beam, offers more stability, greater capacity and lighter weight
2. Forged camshafts with hardened wear surface.
3. Solid inserted spindle and bearing journals laser heat treated, provide superior fatigue capability.
4. High performance premium non-asbestos brake linings, extend service life
5. Easy for ABS installation
6. Grease lubricant is supplied by Exxon Mobil
7. New 100% tight fit hub cap with additional O ring, provide optimum
8. Improved seals at camshafts, protect the brake drums from the grease lubricant, more safety
9. Axles meet USA FMVSS-121 requirements.

Product Description