Definition of S-cam Shaft

  As braking system trailer parts of the trailer axle, s-cam shaft is widely used in heavy vehicles, such as semi trailer axle parts. It has a shaft which is about 4-25 inches long, turned at one end by means of an air-powered brake booster and lever with an S shaped cam at the end. The s cam brakes parts produce friction by turning itself to push the brake shoes against the drum of the trailer axles.Air cyclinder is allowed to be located outside of the wheel because of its design.

   S-cam shaft is the most widely used air foundation brakes and it can be seen everywhere in the rear axle parts of heavy vehicle area. Effectiveness of the brake function can be elevated by the right preventive maintenance. Some people always regard preventive maintance only as an adjustment, gease and new breaks, but there is much more to it. If the key point can be noticed during brake job, the vehicle can stay in good condition. What's more, maintance cost can also be saved much and safety can be guaranteed.