Brake and hand brake

Can be used to brake and foot brake, can also be used for the parking brake, hand brake. Entering the compressed air brake chamber is divided into two (see Figure 8-54), containing emergency relay valve 13, highlighted by valves, connected by a foot brake chambers d and b, General brake function. Another isolation switch consists of trailer air reservoir 14 by 17, connected by a mouth with the hand brake chamber c, as the hand brake. When the vehicle, you must first unlock the parking brake, you should detach the brake line switch 17 is in the on position, c chambers inflate when you pressure 40kPa, hand brake piston 3 sports centre-pivot and 5 under the pressure to the left, compression spring 2, keep it in storage. 5 no longer stand up to the Centre axis piston 6 because b does not inflate, c cavity pressure, 6 foot brake piston return spring movement drives push rod to the left under 7, contacting the brake, the train enters the running state. When trains needed when braking, the brake control before the adoption procedure, consists of trailer air reservoir 14 by emergency relay valve 13 to d via b inflatable Chamber, to overcome pressure from spring 7, promoting the putt 8, implement trailers service brake.