Application of independent wheels on low floor light rail vehicles

Development of modern light rail vehicles tram and light rail systems in the past 20 years has been a great deal of development around the world. According to the International Union of public transport in 1997, about 350 worldwide tram/light rail systems, lines with a total length of 15000km, about 35,000 vehicles, of which about 80% in Europe and North America. In some areas, tram/light rail system, is very rare, but in recent years there have been new light rail systems, such as in Africa, Tunisia (1985), the Malaysia capital Kuala Lumpur (1996), Turkey's Istanbul, Australia Sydney (1997).

Tram/light rail system capacity for one-way 10000 people/h~30000/h, distances between stations for 500m~1000m, fall somewhere in between bus and subway. The huge construction costs of the MTR (rough estimate, built 1km costs can build light rail line of the underground subway line 10km~15km), therefore, only in long term traffic a lot of cases should consider building a subway, or much lower construction costs of light rail systems should be used. Vintage railroad car vibration and noise, small vehicles, poorly equipped, low speed in the car.