Air suspension market categories

First class: entered the Chinese market as a whole was introduced as models on the air suspension system. Xian Changzhou, Volvo, Iveco, yaxing-Benz introduced models such as the air suspension systems fall into this category. Air suspension systems for this type of car in China occupy a dominant position on the market.

Category II: direct air suspension system for cars imported from abroad. The delivery cycle for a vehicle air suspension system in more than three months, difficult to adapt to Chinese delivery habits within one month, and high transport costs. Its biggest drawbacks are not acclimatized in China, since the inlet air suspension system is foreign enterprises in accordance with the foreign traffic, condition and design of transportation, and China's road conditions, vehicle and transport characteristics do not match. Chinese enterprises in their cars with the air suspension system, but in a very awkward position.

Category III: some enterprises to introduce overseas advanced technology of air suspension system for vehicles on the basis of both cars, roads and transport characteristics in China, adhere to the principle of combining advanced and reliable, according to the user's specific model for secondary development and personalized design, to ensure that the structure match the rationality and scientificity, tailor, improve overall chassis performance.